Organizing Tip of the Week - Travel Tips

Organizing tip of the week – Travel Tips. It’s that time of the year and we are off to our family or friends for the holidays. Here are some helpful travel tips:

1) Use a simple travel planning check list – you can include items such as passports and things that you need to get done before you travel.

2) Pack lightly and bring layers – make a general list of what you would like to pack.

3) Pack layer clothing since most likely you will be going indoors and outdoors and would like to vary your clothes by temperature several times a day.

4) Pack with/bring extra Ziploc bags in various sizes – you can use these for shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, toothpaste, dirty laundry, shoes, snacks, wet clothes, etc.

5) Include a section in your purse/backpack that includes some of your favorite snacks and things you enjoy doing – books, magazines, crosswords, knitting, etc.

6) Unpack immediately after every trip – don’t leave your suitcase in the corner for days, take 15 minutes and unpack. Not only will you feel accomplished, but you will be ready to have a fresh start after your vacation!

Happy & safe travels!

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