Bella Organizers was founded on the belief that your space, whether home or office, is a place where you should feel calm, happy, and complete.


For our days to flow with ease, we should feel calm in our space and not live with the extra “stuff” that has a tendency to compile.  The first step to living a life that flows is to let go of what we don’t need and what doesn't make us truly happy.  Once this first step is complete, the organizing process will begin and slowly, you will feel a shift in your space – a calmness that takes over.  You’ll have quick access to belongings  that were misplaced for years and save lots of time in looking for things.  Every item will be one that you enjoy having in your home or office space. Every space has the capacity to be free of clutter.  Say goodbye to clutter and misery, and hello to new space and freedom! Bella Organizers look forward to working with you!




Bella Organizers will help you declutter and organize your home and office, including but not limited to:  closets, living room, bedrooms, kitchen, cabinets, bathrooms, toy rooms, basements, attics, garages and garden areas.  We also help you create a filing system for your important documents.  We will make arrangements for items that you would like to donate.


Moving can be an incredibly exciting time.  We will help you organize your home and office and pack up the items that you need and that make you happy.  We make your move an easier one.  Services include ordering packing supplies, packing, labeling boxes by room, arranging and scheduling movers, hiring cleaners, overseeing the move, and unpacking.



After years working in the corporate world, I decided to devote my time to doing what I love most--organizing!  I have always been told how detail-oriented and organized I am by colleagues, friends, and family, but it wasn't until I started helping them move, declutter, and utilize space, that I saw how happy and thankful they were.  The sense of achievement they felt and the urge to continue and keep their space organized inspired me to take my passion for organizing a step further.  I truly enjoy helping people organize their space and making a difference in their lives. I am a proud member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO). 




Word of Mouth


"Millie is one of those people who is gifted with organizational skills. She spent two hours in my kitchen and disposed of 7 large trash bags filled with stuff I didn't even know I had (let alone used)! My kitchen finally looked like a kitchen! We can't thank her enough for making our living space clutter-free and more spacious! I would highly recommend Millie to anyone that struggles with finding the time to declutter (or lacks the talent!)"

Tami - Kitchen Decluttering and Organizing

"It's incredible how a few hours of organization by Millie totally transformed my girls'" bedrooms.  A few weeks after I moved into my new house with 5 kids, just looking at the 2 bedrooms where my girls sleep, caused me a great deal of stress.  It just took a few hours and not only did room look completely organized, but my girls knew where all of their clothing belonged.  They knew how to find things by themselves and where to return them after the laundry.  Plus, Millie had great suggestions of how to make the rooms fun and inviting!  I would certainly recommend Millie to anyone who needs some organization.  You will be happy you did."

Naomi - Childrens' Bedrooms

"Millie is a life transformer! She completely transformed my cluttered, frustrating-to-use office into a functional space that is inviting to get work done. And something that really stood out to me: her approach did not involve lecturing or shaming me into using a process for my paperwork that doesn’t work for me. Or pressure me to get rid of things I felt I needed. She found solutions within my work flows and still magically found a way to make my office a useable, clean space. Not only has this helped me be more efficient, and more calm, but it also has helped make my generally very tidy husband a heck of a lot happier.  Her instincts are great and I can only imagine translates into other spaces too. I truly couldn’t recommended her more highly!"

Michelle - Home Office Decluttering and Organizing

"Living in a small apartment in Boston, I needed help organizing my closet.  It was filled with things that hadn't been touched in years and was in complete chaos.  Millie came to the rescue!  In a few hours, she helped me sort and peel through countless items encouraging me to throw away and donate things that I no longer used.  Millie transformed my closet from a cluttered mess into an organized, tidy and functional space in which I can find anything I need within seconds.  Thanks, Millie"

Dee - Closet Decluttering and Organizing

"Millie helped me create the organized home I envisioned and taught me effective methods to maintain a peaceful living space, free of clutter.  Millie is very efficient and has an excellent work ethic. She is personable, trustworthy, and reliable.  Having an organized home gives me mental clarity and makes me feel more organized and productive in all aspects of my life.  I highly recommend Bella Organizers!"

Danielle - Full Apartment Decluttering and Organizing

"Our experience with Millie is something I want to compliment her on. She exercised thoughtfulness and concise movements that helped make this potentially emotionally taxing ordeal into something that was extremely rewarding and beneficial.  She handled both my roommates and my personal belongings and allowing them to coexist in our shared space.  We were encouraged to take action, and execute the work in a timely manner.. which is quite a feat!  Her personality and directness will give you assurance this project is in good hands.  I spent my past evening in the living room reveling in the shift in energy and the joy of having a decluttered, tidy space she left us with. " 

Christophe - Bookshelves in Living Room

"Millie was unbelievably helpful in organizing our small one bedroom apartment. My Husband and I have been married for 6 months and still have not put away most of our wedding gifts. Millie's help and guidance allowed us to create more space in the living room and discard any items we no longer used or had a need for. Her attention to detail is unmatched and she showed us the best way to organize our documents so that we could easily access them. Our apartment went from a cluttered mess to a beautiful space without having to compromise on important things that we wanted to keep. She is truly amazing at what she does and worth every penny."

Sarah and Max - Home Office Decluttering and Organizing

"Millie helped me to organize and pack up my apartment when I relocated in Brooklyn, NY.  She was amazing, quick, and so efficient!  She even helped me find and schedule movers, getting quotes and comparing several different companies.  All the boxes arrived expertly packed and clearly labeled.  When I was busy and in a time crunch, Millie helped the stressful task of moving go smoothly.  I definitely recommend her services!"

Logan - Packing and Organizing Move


Bella Organizers will help you with your organizing needs.  We offer a complimentary consultation.  Please fill out the below form and let us know how we can help you!

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