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Organizing Tip of the Week - Coffee and Tea Station (area)

Organizing tip of the week – Coffee and Tea Station (or area). Two of my favorite moments of the day are when I wake up in the morning and make a fresh cup of coffee (ah that smell!) and in the evening when I have my green tea.

Here are some tips on creating your own coffee and tea station:

1. Gather all your coffee and tea supplies (like items go with like items), this includes coffee capsules and grains, tea bags and leaves, sugar, honey, French press, tea infuser, coffee grinder, mugs/cups, etc.

2. Once you have all your items gathered, go through and make sure that nothing is expired and that you need and love all your coffee/tea items (sometimes we hold on to chipped mugs or an extra set of espresso cups that we never use, no need to have that extra clutter).

3. Decide on a space. Should be near a plug so you are able to use your coffee machine. I like using only my cabinet space (shout out to New Yorkers with limited apartment space!). Other alternatives include using counter space, hanging mugs or if you have a large kitchen having a separate table area for your station.

4. If you decide on using your counter, consider purchasing a cute tray to help set the area apart. On the tray put your favorite mugs, sugar bowl, spoons and if you are creative a bit of art. In the cabinet area you will store all your extra supplies. If you don’t have that extra counter space, use your cabinet. Put mugs, sugar bowl, spoons in one shelf area and on the other shelf the coffee and tea supplies with what you use the most in the front.

An Organized Coffee and Tea Station Area

Have a great week and a relaxing cup of your favorite coffee and tea!





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