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Manifest Your Dreams

I hope that you’re enjoying this holiday-filled month. My friend and I decided to escape the madness of the holidays during covid times and met up for dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant in Carroll Gardens.

We spoke about the past year and our hopes for the new year. Then it clicked that I should write about manifesting and making your dreams a reality.

The concept of manifesting can feel broad at times but, for me, it comes down to having a goal and making it happen in any way possible, even if that approach isn't fully practical.

How can you manifest and make your dreams a reality?

1) Decide what you want – go deep within yourself and think about what you really want and what you really desire. The more specific you are about your goal the better.

2) Envision your future – there are many ways you can do this. I like to meditate on my goals and write them down. You can also create a vision board or say it out loud and envision it happening. Imagine that what you want is your reality.

3) Be fearless – Worrying about what might happen keeps you living in a future that might not happen; worrying about what happened in the past keeps you living in a world that you can no longer change. Empower yourself to reach your full potential!

4) Clean the clutter – let go of anything that you don’t need, to make room for the new things that are coming into your life.

5) Practice gratitude – when we are grateful for what we have we are in a state of abundance and this mindset attracts more abundance into our lives.

6) Create a game plan – What steps will you take to manifest your dreams? Some ways you can achieve your goals: develop positive habits, get excited about how your future will look, forgive yourself for mistakes that you feel like you made in the past (this will help you move forward), and try not to procrastinate.

7) Work towards your goal – I wish it was as easy as just letting go without lifting a finger but, to get what you want out of life, you must work for it. Flow with the energy and be in the process. Know that everything is going to work out for you.

8) Celebrate your wins – when I started organizing, I would have little moments of success along the way which I thought were trivial, but one of my good friends would always remind me that we must celebrate even the small achievements!

I believe we all have the power within ourselves to live our best and most fulfilling life. As I was walking home from work a couple of days ago, I passed by the Macy’s display window and the writing was literally on the wall (or, in this case, the window!) The giant poster proclaimed “Anything is possible if you believe. Give. Love. Believe.” How fitting and serendipitous!

I wish everyone a wonderful 2022. May it be blessed and filled with limitless possibilities and may your dreams and goals become a reality!

"Anything is Possible if you Believe" is Written on a Wall

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Denisa K.
Denisa K.
Jun 25

Thanks for sharing those helpful tips! I'm really new to manifestation myself. When is the best time to manifest? Most people recommend doing it in the morning or evening when things tend to be quieter. But personally, I find mornings are best for me since I feel more focused..






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