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Organizing Tip of the Week - Cleansing Energy in Your Home

Tip of the week – Cleansing the energy in your home (Smudging). In the last months, I have started a small path into a spiritual journey. Although I am extremely practical (most organizers are!), I like to incorporate new methods that make me feel more connected to my space. I love the whole concept of smudging – cleansing and welcoming in new and fresh energy into our home. This is by no means a religious act and anyone who has intuition and believes in it can do it. So here goes...

1) Gather your supplies – you’ll need white sage (you can purchase a white sage stick at a natural food shop and many other stores), fireproof container (traditionally abalone shell is used but anything that will not burn will do), candle (optional), lighter/matches, ashtray/bowl of sand to put out the sage).

2) Open all the windows and doors to your home.

3) Take a quick look around your home and remove excess clutter.

4) Place the candle on a flat surface and light it, use it to light the sage (if you see there are flames, blow it a bit so that the ambers are glowing).

5) Set an intention for each room, I usually say something like “negative energy out, new energy in” – this is personal so go with whatever you feel.

6) Start at the entrance of your home and sage the house going clockwise, don’t forget closets, bathrooms and especially corners. Imagine the smoke absorbing the negative energy and seeing it floating out of the windows making room for new energy.

7) You can also smudge yourself (while the sage is still lit) start with your feet and work your way up – it is a good idea to do this before and after you smudge your space.

8) Gently extinguish your smudge stick and pack it up for the next time you smudge.

I would love to hear how your first smudging goes! Leave me a comment or feel free to message me directly.

The White Sage Stick is burning to Remove Negative Energy





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