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Tip of the week - Organize your Closet by Zones

Tip of the week – Organize your closet by zones. Our closets can be broken up by different "zones" (see picture by Hot (Red Zone) – things that we use the most/need access to. Blue (Cold Zone) – things we do not use often/need less access to. Yellow (Warm Zone) – minimal access items. Here are some tips for organizing your closet by zones:

1) Go through your clothes (categorized, edited, donated/given away) and keep what you need and love.

2) Think about your daily routine and what logically will work best for you when you get dressed. I always talk to my client before organizing their closets and ask them questions like what do you wear most of? What order do you get dressed in? What type of activities do you do after work (gym/dance/run)?

3) Put back and organize your clothes by zones. In the hot/red zone put clothes that you wear the most often by order and category, in the blue zone your seasonal items, things that you do not wear often, and in the yellow zone things that you use, but not as often as items in the red zone.

For example, I have a client that works daily and after work goes to the gym about 5 times a week. He has two closets in his bedroom. We put his work clothes in the hot/red zone (pants, shirts, active shoes) and in the other closet we put his gym clothes, equipment in the hot/red zone as well. These are things he needs access to quickly and on a daily basis.

Remember, the way you organize your closet should cater to your daily routine - this will help you save time that can be spent doing things that you love!

A Picture of an Organized Closet by Zones





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