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Organizing Tip of the Week - Phone Photos

Tip of the week – Organizing your phone photos. One of my wonderful clients (who happens to also be a photographer), sent me a great article from Artifact Uprising with tips on organizing your phone photos.

Especially now, when snapping and saving is easy, we fall victim of taking tons of photos that eventually take up not only space on our phone but disorganize our phone gallery.

Here are some helpful tips to prevent clutter and disorganization for your phone photos:

1) Pick your favorites – delete shots that are blurry, or you don’t love, use the favorites feature to start the photos that you would like to edit, delete and favorite as you go to avoid too many photos.

2) Create categories – create albums based on year/occasion, add photos right away (only the ones you want to keep), make albums ahead of time for gifts (Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries).

3) Backup pictures through apps – I use Google Photos which I love, iPhone users can use iCloud photo sharing or download the Google Photos for iOS

4) As an extra precautionary measure, backup important photos on your hard drive.

After decluttering and organizing your phone photos, you will easily be able to find that special photo and experience that memory within seconds!

For more information, click on the photo.

A Phone takes a Coffee Picture





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