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Organizing Tip of the Week - Laundry

Organizing tip of the week - presort dirty clothes by hamper. Ever have laundry overload and you feel like you are swimming in laundry? I see this happen especially with my clients who have children (it feels like the laundry machine is constantly working!)

To make life a bit easier, have 2 hampers (for dark and white) and if needed an additional one for dedicates. If you like washing your kids' clothing separately, consider having an additional laundry bin. The important thing to pay attention to is that once the hamper is full, it is time to load the washer. Don't wait until tomorrow, that pile is only going to get bigger! Once the laundry is done, fold right away. Make sure that all family members are participating. You can also DYI with simple laundry plastic baskets.

Happy laundering and remember that life is easier when everything is in its place (in this case, your clothing and linens in the closet)!

Fabric Laundry Hamper





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