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Packing for a Short Trip

Happy Monday! I am taking a quick trip and wanted to share what I do when I pack:

1) Check the weather and think of what I have scheduled and need to wear.

2) Fold everything so items are vertical (I love and use the Marie Kondo method!).

3) Categorize by type of clothing and put in carry-on.

4) I use 3 gallon zip lock bags for my shoes - I can see what I have.

5) For toiletry items, use travel size items when I can, I like using zip lock bags for these too...items are easy to find and take less space than a tote.

6) Put the toiletry items on the side of the carry-on.

7) I carry makeup, my glasses, jewelry, and a light jacket in my backpack (I prefer these items on me at all times).

Check out the picture of my carry-on and leave a comment with your packing tips!

An Organized Packing Bag full of Traveling Essentials





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