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Organizing Tip of the Week - Entryway Closets

Organizing tip of the week – entryway closets. We have been really feeling winter these past weeks and I have been using my entryway closet daily and thought it would be helpful to give some entryway closet tips! So, here goes…

1) Identify what the closet is being use for – is it primarily for coats? Do you have seasonal items stored in the closet? I would suggest using the closet for jackets, coats, shoes/boots you wear daily, backpacks, hats, gloves, scarves and umbrellas. Once you decide on the type of items you’d like to keep in the closet, it is time to declutter.

2) Pull all the items out of the closet and break them up into categories (coats, gloves, hats, etc.) throw away or donate items that have not been used in years (they are only taking away valuable space!). Put items that do not belong in the closet in their designated spaces.

3) Now it is time to put the items back into the closet. Decide on how the items should be organized – jackets and coats on hangers, shoes on a possible shoe rack or shoe hanger, other items in baskets or containers, etc.

4) Put items in the front that you use the most.

5) Install hooks inside the closet and on the door if you need additional space to hang items. Hooks can also be used for your backpacks.

6) Baskets and storage bins are great to store gloves, hats, scarves and umbrellas. Make your own labels by using a gift tag and ribbon.

7) For parents, display a calendar inside the closet door (you can use a dry erase version which is easy to update).

8) Lastly, for keys, hang a hook rack close to the entryway closet. This way your keys will be safe and easily accessible.

Having an organized entryway closet will save time in the morning and help you start your day in an organized and efficient way!

An Organized Entryway Closet





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