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Organizing Tip of the Week – Which wardrobe closet is the right one for me?

Organizing Tip of the Week – Which wardrobe closet is the right one for me? I was chatting with one of my friends that recently moved into her new home, she mentioned that one of her challenges in a new home has been deciding on a closet.

Here are some tips for picking the perfect closet!

1) When deciding on which closet to purchase, first take measurements of the maximum amount of space you can allot to your future wardrobe closet, this is especially important in metropolitan cities where space can be limited.

2) After you have your measurements, take inventory of what you have (after you have decluttered of course!).

3) Ask yourself - do I hang most of my clothing? How much of my clothing can be put in drawers? How much space do I need for everything that I use on a regular basis to fit comfortably? Do I need space for other things like linens, purses, hats, etc.? Will I be sharing my closet with my partner/kids (in this case you must take their things into account as well)? You want to make sure that you have a closet that makes the most sense to you, fits your daily needs, and that you can maneuver through with ease.

4) Options for purchasing a wardrobe closet include: California Closets – they have several locations nationwide and offer a complimentary consultation for designing your closet and work with you from start to finish. Other options are the Container store (which carry TCS Closets and elfa), Wayfair, Ikea, Target, and your local furniture stores. If possible, I would suggest going to the store first and seeing the closet first hand before ordering online.

An Image of an Organized Wardrobe Closet

I would love to hear back from you – what has been your experience in purchasing wardrobe closets?





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