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Valentine's Day Tip of the Week - Make Time for Friends and Loved Ones

Happy Valentine’s Day All!

It’s that time of the year again and love is in the air! I went back and forth on what I should write for this month's tip and the obvious Valentine themes came to mind – celebrating love, chocolate, couples, etc. Then I thought, as someone who has not settled down (yet), what really makes me happy on a personal level? The answer is easy - it is spending time with people I love being around (my family, friends, colleagues, and clients). My organizing tip for this month is simple – make time in your schedule to meet friends and your loved ones. We are so caught up with meeting deadlines, running from place to place, and before we know it, another Valentine’s Day is already behind us;)

Here are some tips on how to make time in your schedule for friends and loved ones:

1) Put it on your calendar and have the time blocked out

2) Just hangout without making big plans

3) Make use of your lunch time and meet for lunch

4) Make it routine

5) Meet right after work

6) Disconnect when you are with each other

7) Find something you love to do together

Make time for those good friends you haven’t seen in a long time or plan a lazy afternoon with your significant other - most importantly, enjoy being around the people you love!

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