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This Valentine's Day Create Your Calm Space at Home

A Picture of a Calm Space at Home

Valentine’s Day is this week and I almost forgot! What reminded me that we are in February is the insanely cold and wintry days we have been having in NYC. It started off with a snowstorm and then another followed, then more snow, ice, slush, well, you get my point. I ask myself often, can it get any colder? On those especially cold days, I find myself daydreaming of being in warm weather, sitting on the beach with loved ones, and escaping the winter (South Beach, I miss you!). My daydreaming got me thinking about creating a space in your home where you can relax, reenergize, and destress. Valentine’s day made me think about how it’s important to love, not only our significant others but also ourselves.

Selfcare and having a place where you can relax, especially in this period, is critical to being physically and mentally healthy.

Here are some tips on creating a calm space:

1) Pick an area in your home – find a place in your home that you enjoy being in, possibly by a window where there is natural sunlight, a reading nook, or a spot in your favorite room.

2) Declutter – when there is clutter around you it not only influences your physical, but also your mental space. Clear your space. Take the time out and make your special space clutter free by putting things away and throwing/donating whatever you don’t love or need.

3) Add some greenery – I find that plants remind me of being outside in nature and that has a calming effect, especially if you live in a city. Before you purchase a plant, make sure you know what the conditions are in your room. This will help you decide what type of plants will work best (indoor/outdoor/amount of sunlight each plant needs).

4) Color – stick with neutrals and colors that make you feel calm; consider hanging some art or pictures on the wall, add some pieces you enjoy seeing in your space.

5) Scent – I recently was gifted a candle from Paddywax and love lighting it in the evenings, the scent is relaxing, and the candlelight has a calming effect. You can try using a diffuser with essential oils as well.

6) Sound – put something on in the background that makes you feel calm - your favorite playlist, calm sounds, or just about anything works (even the TV in the background if that what relaxes you!).

7) Feeling cozy – whether it is changing into comfy clothes, drinking a cup of tea, wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket or all the above, feel comfortable and cozy in your space.

I hope that these tips help you create a calm space that you love to be in.

Happy Valentine’s Day!






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