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Organizing Tip of the Week - Couples Living Together

Organizing tip of the week – Couples living together. Happy Valentine’s Day boys and girls! In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I thought I’d give some tips for couples that are living together. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to combine two halves into a whole but when a couple’s home is organized, things just flow and both sides tend to wake up with an even bigger smile on their face. So, here we go…

1) Get organized – time to go room by room, closet by closet and declutter by categories and only keep that things that you absolutely need and love. Throw away and donate things you never where or use. Once this is done, take inventory of all that you have combined.

2) Once you know what you have, sit down and talk about how much space each person needs to store their items. Make sure that you know where everything goes (even if it is not yours). When everything has a place, it is easy to keep things tidy throughout the week.

3) Each partner should have his and her own area that is their own area, decide together where that area is and the expectation for that space.

4) Be clean and when it comes to household chores, divide chores by who does what best.

5) Compromise. You and your partner may have different styles and idea of a perfect space, have an honest talk about your expectations and come up with a fair compromise that will make both of you happy.

Now that your house is organized, spend some quality time together and do something special! ❤

Couples Spend Quality Time Together





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