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Organizing Tip of the Week - Decluttering Makeup

Tip of the week – Decluttering your makeup. We are all guilty of holding on to makeup for long periods of time! I found in the last year, most of the makeup I own is what I love and use often (shout out to Bobbie Brown!).

Here are some tips for decluttering your makeup:

1) Gather ALL your makeup in one area, that’s right…go ahead and dump your purses (all of them), go to your bathroom closet, car, cabinets, kitchen, pockets, jackets, oh and don’t forget about all those free samples you collected over the years.

2) Find a wipe-able large surface to sort your makeup by category.

3) Divide your makeup into categories – lipstick/gloss, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, mascara, creams, concealer, brushes, pencil sharpener.

4) Check the expiration date, here are some suggested shelf lives:

Powders – 2 years

Foundations – 6-12 months

Creams – 12-18 months

Concealer – 6-12 months

Pencils – 12 months

Mascara – 3-6 months

Lipsticks – 12-18 months

5) Go through all the categories and keep only what you need and love, you can ask yourself, “would I buy this today?”, when was the last time I used it?” and “do I really need this?”.

6) Wipe down your makeup and storage area with a clean wipe.

7) Give away the makeup that is in good condition or unused.

8) There are so many great ways to organize your makeup – in drawers by designated sections, in a makeup bag, in jars, if you have a large bathroom – on your vanity. I keep my daily makeup in a makeup bag and items that I use less in my bathroom cabinet.

Decluttering your makeup can be fun and once you know what you have you will save both time getting ready and money on items that you don't really need!

Organized Makeup in a Drawer





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